10 years



SmarSoft Electronic is established in 2006, having as main activity the production of electronic automations for advertising signs with spectral gas tubes (neon advertising signs), used mainly on rooftops. 

The automations range contains electronic systems adapted to any type of neon advertising sign, and the effects can be programmed from the PC software developed for these systems.

4 channels automation (SM4), 8 channel automation (SM8) and system of 5 automations SM8 - for neon advertising signs 



START: SmarSoft Electronic enters on the market of LED pharmacy crosses and produces its first models with animations for attracting attention.

SmarSoft Electronic becomes the first romanian manufacturer that develops LED products for pharmaceutical market. 


SmarSoft invests in the design of electronic boards and microcontroller software, and the results show up: the range of products becomes larger; we launch the first programmable LED pharmacy cross with PC connection. Also, LED displays and LED clocks show up this year.

Electronic design includes all stages: electronic schematics, design of printed circuit boards, microcontroller software. This approach allows us to be flexible in developing any type of LED display. 




The product portfolio contains now different types of programmable LED displays, 1 row or multiple rows. Also, in 2009, the company develops for the first time on the romanian market the vertical LED displays, with possibility of scrolling messages. 

SmarSoft becomes AREL partener AREL - Asociatia Romana a Electricienilor din Romania


SmarSoft Electronic continues the product development: it ads in its portfolio various LED street clocks, LED pharmacy crosses, 1 row or multiple rows LED display.


The company launches the possibility of programming LED displays by phone (SMS programming. Furthermore, the number of industrial applications increases: among the clients at that time: COCA COLA, URSUS, LAFARGE, DUCTIL, AUTOLIV, HOLCIM, ROMLUX, etc.


SmarSoft Electronic develops a special application: smart home - AMOS system - this system allows modifications on the functionality of different devices: light sources, ventilators, plugs from a software application, by connecting the house system to the PC (through USB)

The company launches BIG PIXEL - CLUSTER TECHNOLOGY - for long and very long distances (hundreds of meters); fonts up to 1 meter in height, 500m visibility!

For these type of solutions we use OSRAM LEDs.




APRIL, 2012 Starting from this moment, all products manufactured by SmarSoft Electronic have 3 YEARS WARRANTY, as proof of high quality!


In the same year, SmarSoft marks the first participation at Print & Sign - the most important fair for advertising and printing in Romania!






SmarSoft Electronic signs a cobranding contract with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors!

This special partnership allows us to produce high quality LED display, using OSRAM LEDs. All our products with OSRAM LEDs will have de mark "OSRAM - LED Technology Inside".


OSRAM mark - LED Technology Inside on SmarSoft products



 Year 2014 comes with the cobranding contract with AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES (HP Division). This partnership gives us access to the brightest 5mm LEDs (round and oval) that exist on the market. 


LED pharmacy cross - customized model for CATENA chain of pharmacies

LED pharmacy cross - customized model for HELPNET chain of pharmacies


SmarSoft diversifies applications developed for industrial field with various counters (automatic, manual), LED displays with 4-20mA input, displays for production parameters or for counting number days without work accidents, industrial chronometers, LED displays for parking, LED displays connected to various sensors (humidity, atmospheric pressure, etc)


Customized LED display for counting days without accident and production parameters - SINIAT SA

Electronic LED display which MONITORS the status of machineries - EATON


January 2015 - SmarSoft lanseaza propriul sistem de incarcasare cu aluminiu eloxat, proiectand un profil pornind de la propria arhitectura de produs.

SmarSoft launches its own aluminium housing system, designing an aluminium profile adapted to the product's architecture.

This profile differentiates SmarSoft products from other products in the market. Furthermore, this profile is produced by SAPA Profile, the largest aluminium profile manufacturer in Europe. 

Sapa Group

Anodized aluminium profile - double sided LED displays and pharmacy crosses


March 2015 - SmarSoft becomes direct distributor for OSRAM - Divizia de Lighting -  with customized offers and lighting research for various applications and projects. 



September 2015 – The company develops the thinnest 2 sides LED pharmacy cross: 19mm thickness!

Double sided LED pharmacy cross - ULTRA SLIM model  - 19mm thickness!


October 2015 - Smarsoft participates in Viscom 2015 - FIERA MILANO – Italia, the biggest event in Europe for advertising market!

 VISCOM 2015 Fair, Fiera MILANO, Italy



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