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About dotpitch

Dotpitch is the distance between 2 neighbouring LEDs.

SmarSoft Electronic designed its own LED MODULES with a specific architecture. We don't use standard LED modules.

We fabricate different types of display, starting from different types of dotpitch: 4.8mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 60mm.

Dotpitch 4.8mm 

Dotpitch 6mm

Dotpitch 10mm

Dotpitch 12mm

Dotpitch 14mm

Dotpitch 15mm

Dotpitch 16mm

Dotpitch 20mm

Dotpitch 60mm


The advantages of this diversity of dotpitches:

Due to these electronic structures that we created, we can develop any type of electronic display, depending on the requested dimensions and characteristics/functions.

Display for counting days since last accident - SINIAT SA

Catena pharmacies

Helpnet pharmacies

Electronic display for PARKING



Special monitoring display for industrial application


About Fonts vs Visibility

All the displays we produce are very visible during daylight; during night the intensity can pe set up from the PC software or remote control. 

Visibility = Readability = depending on the dotpitch used, the display can be read from a certain distance. 

FONT (cm) Readability (meters)
4,2 5 - 6
6 6 - 7
7 7 - 8
8,4 8 - 10
10 10 - 15
11,2 15 - 20
12 20 - 25
14 30 - 35
15 40
16 50 - 60
21 100
23 130 - 150
30 170
42 >200

About LEDs

In 2013 and 2014 we signed special cobranding contracts with OSRAM and AVAGO Technologies. 

Why are these partnerships so important?
- having a DIRECT relationship with OSRAM and AVAGO means that we have the guarantee that the LEDs we use are realiable
- we have quick access to their stocks, therefore we can have very good delivery terms
- with the help of the experts from OSRAM and AVAGO, we have made special tests in their laboratories: the tests reproduced the conditions of high and low temperatures, and high moisture. These tests showed us the way our products function IN TIME. 
- using high quality LEDs together with high quality components, our products are guaranteed to function flawless for a long period of time (more than 8 years), in difficult conditions of environment (outdoor use)
- LEDs have a superior resistance to moisture and high temperatures (operationf temperature: -40 degrees C ... +110 degrees C)
- LEDs are made with an advanced optical grade epoxy that contains UV inhibitor to reduce the effects of long term exposure to direct sunlight
- The LEDs are not overloaded (the current used is appropriate to their catalogue parameters)
The way a LED product behaves IN TIME and IN OUTDOOR CONDITIONS proves its quality and reliability. 


Anodized aluminium casing

Because we don't use STANDARD LED MODULES, our LED displays are different than any other type of LED display. 


Two sides LED display, lateral mounting system with

extruded aluminium flanges

Anodized aluminium profile for double side product


Anodized aluminium profile

Example for anodized aluminium casing with one side mounting system


Extruded aluminium flange for wall mounting


We designed a sistem made of:

  • resistant anodized aluminium profile

  • special inside elements for strengthening the entire structure

  • very strong, special designed aluminium mounting system 

The whole structure (system) is resistant and elegant!

Anodized aluminium doesn't get rusty in time. Your LED display will keep the same aspect after years of outdoor usage. 

The aluminium system is designed by SmarSoft Electronic and produced by the largest aluminium profile manufacturer in : SAPA Profiles

The advantages of using our own anodized aluminium system:

  1. The aluminium structure allows us to use passive cooling - we are not using ventilators, which are a cause of malfunction and need maintenance. Out products are built up so that the maintenance costs should be minimal

  2. Aluminium doesn't get rusty and keeps its properties on a long period of time 

  3. This system is both elegant and resistant in outdoor conditions

  4. All our products are thin (for example: 100mm for double sided pharmacy crosses and led displays, 74mm for single side solutions)

Silicone conformal coating / polyurethanic resins

All products developed for outdoor use need protections for moisture, condensed water, UV radiations, temperature variations.

We use high quality conformal coating solutions, taking into account that our products have over 8 years lifetime. 

The types of protection used for electronic circuits / components: silicone industrial coating / polyurethanic resins.

Industrial conformal coating 

Conformal coating is a protective chemical coating for the electronic board (PCB and its electronic components) used against moisture, condensed water, temperature variations, saline air, dust and other agents that can endanger the functionality of the product.

When no conformal coating applied (or inappropriate coating), there will be corrosion, like in the picture below:

Example of rusty LED module after taking off the plastic mask


SmarSoft Electronic uses silicone conformal coating for industrial applications, aerospace and automotive industries. These applications are fit for very high or very low temperatures, or large variations of temperature. 

Operating temperature: -70 degrees C.... + 200 degrees C. 


These siliconic coatings are very efficient against moisture, condensed water and saline air.

Therefore, out applications are also perfect for INDUSTRIAL USAGE.

Moreover, these silicone coatings have special UV filters that protect them against daylight / sunlight. 

Electrical polyuretane resins:

For applications that use 5mm AVAGO LEDs, we use special polyuretane resins to protect LEDs against water. Therefore, LEDs don't oxidize and don't get rusty.  

The resins we are using in our production have very good quality and keep their properties in time, in outdoor conditions. 


We apply a bond mask on the resined LED board. 

Therefore, this technology helps us obtain thin (slim) products: one side led displays have 74mm thickness and double sided led displays have 100mm thickness. 


Due to this technology, we are able to produce the thinnest pharmacy cross: 19mm, double sided, full programmable


UV protected compact polycarbonate or alucobond mask 

Standard LED modules use PVC (plastic) masks. Plastic is not a suitable material for outdoor use, because it is not resistant in UV rays/sunlight.

Depending on the application we have to produce, our company uses either compact polycarbonate (LED displays with OSRAM LEDs) or alucobond mask (LED displays with AVAGO LEDs).


UV protected compact polycarbonate

We are using compact polycarbonate when producing LED displays with OSRAM LEDs (OSRAM LEDs are smd = surface mounted device; these LEDs need am additional frontal protection). 

Compact polycarbonate combines very good resistence with transparency and flexibility. It has very good impact resistence and it is widely used in advertising industry. 


The compact polycarbonate that we are using has a high performance UV absorption layer on both surfaces. UV protection means longer life, preventing yellowing and loss of strength. 

*Example of applications with OSRAM LEDs and protection in the front with compact polycarbonate

Alucobond mask

When using AVAGO LEDs, we need a mask put on the LED boards. The material we are using is alucobond (bond).

Alucobond (aluminium composite material, dibond) is a type of flat panel that consists of two thin aluminium sheets bonded to a polyethylene core. It is widely used for external cladding or facades of buildings, insulation and signage. It is weather-resistant, unbreakable, shock-resistant, vibration absorbant.


For us, using alucobond has various advantages: increased visibility for LEDs in daylight, very good resistance in outdoor conditions (high temperature during summer), UV protection during the day, mechanical resistance to damages.


* Example of applications with AVAGO LEDs with black alucobond frontal mask 

Industrial electronic components

Electronic components are manufactured in several temperature grades:

* Commercial: 0 to 70 C

* Industrial: -40 to 85 C

* Military: -55 to 125 C

In all our applications, electronic components used are selected from the industrial range; this means that they have OPTIMAL functionality  in  -40 to 85 C temperature range.

Selecting electronic components from comercial range doesn't mean that the products will not function at - 10 degrees C, but it means that they will have a limited life (maybe 1 month, 2 or 5 months) or that electronic components will have a diminished lifetime (depending on other paramters, of course)

As an extension, LEDs used in our applications have as operating temperature: - 40 to 110 C

This is one of the reasons we can offer 3 years warranty for products developed for outdoor use.




Type of pictogram Symbol Explanations


The LED display can connect to internet. Each display will have an IP.


You can set up your LED display from your mobile phone by sending a SMS. The LED display will have a GSM modem and a phone number attached.


Wireless communication allows programming the LED displays from various distances: starting from 10m up to 1 km (depending on the wireless solution you choose).


Radio remote control kit (includes the receiver unit and a remote control) for programming the gas station prices or for setting up the intensity of LEDs.


PC programming kit (it includes the PC software and USB industrial communication - RS485)


distance between 2 neighbouring LEDs


the distance of visibility takes into account the dotpitch and the font displayed on the LED pannel


the dimension of the characters


The GPS modules is integrated in the LED display. Together with the position, the satellites also transmit the exact hour